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“Simpro Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (SIMPRO) is an ISO 9001 certified company in the field of Electrical Engineering specializing in the area of Power System Protection and Monitoringˮ

List of articles:

  1. SDN Advantages for Ethernet-Based Control
  2. Software-Defined Networking Redefines Performance for Ethernet Control Systems
  3. Software-Defined Networking Addresses Control System Requirements
  4. Migrating an Existing Network to OT SDN
  5. Transmission Line Parameter Estimation Using Travelling-Wave Fault Location Data
  6. Traveling-Wave Overcurrent – A New Way to Protect Lines Terminated on Transformers
  7. An Unlikely Pair- Combining Traveling Waves and Phasors for Reclosing on Hybrid Lines
  8. Settings Considerations for Distance Elements in Line Protection Applications
  9. Distance Elements for Line Protection Applications Near Unconventional Sources
  10. Redundancy Strategies for Distribution Protection
  11. Finding Faults Fast Saves Money and Improves Service
  12. Improving Power System Reliability Using Multifunction Protective Relays
  13. The Missing Link - How CT and VT Connection Errors Affect Protection
  14. Case study- Value of Digital Protective Relays Is Discovered at Oil and Gas Facility
  15. Case Study- Integrating the power management system of an existing oil production field
  16. Case Study- Defining and Measuring Protection Signal Transfer Speed, Latency, and Reliability Within Digital Trip Circuits
  17. Use of Directional Elements at the Utility-Industrial Interface
  18. Voltage Transformer Failure Prediction With Synchrophasor Data
  19. Choosing Between Communications Processors , RTUs, And PLCs As Substation Automation Controllers
  20. Keep on Running—Select Motor Relay Settings to Balance Protection and Operation
  21. Stop the Epidemic! Transformer Protection Misoperations
  22. Case Studies on Ground-Fault Protection of Microgrid Power Systems with Diverse Power Sources
  23. Real-Time Operational Use Cases for Time-Synchronized Measurements with Synchrowave Operations
  24. Making My Paper Mill Saver - An Arc-flash Energy Reduction Story
  25. Reliable Generator Islanding Detection for Industrial Power Consumers With On-Site Generation
  26. Synchrophasors Redefining SCADA Systems
  27. Testing Traveling-Wave Line Protection and Fault Locators
  28. Forward to the Basics:Selected Topics in Distribution Protection
  29. A Call to Action:Say YES to Restricted Earth Fault Protection
  30. Complete Monitoring Solution to Improve Reliability and Performance of Digital Secondary Systems
  31. Analysis of Selected Motor Event and Starting Reports
  32. Lessons Learned from Generator Event Reports
  33. Lessons Learned Analyzing Transmission Faults
  34. Understanding the Impact of Time Inaccuracy on Schncrophasors, Travelling-Wave Fault Locating, and Line Current Differential Protection