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“Simpro Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (SIMPRO) is an ISO 9001 certified company in the field of Electrical Engineering specializing in the area of Power System Protection and Monitoringˮ

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1.Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

* SEL software-defined networking solution certified by Department of Defense

* SEL refreshes SEL-2414 transformer monitor and expands its capabilities

* SEL releases enhanced TiDL line protection relay

* SEL releases enhanced SEL-487B bus protection TiDL relay

* SEL releases enhanced SEL-487E transformer protection TiDL relay

* SEL adds TiDL and Sampled Values technologies to SEL-411L line protective relay

* SEL adds line monitoring to the SEL-T400L time-domain line protection relay

* New protocols for SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

* SEL releases ultra-high-speed transmission line relay

* New SEL-3390T Time and Ethernet Adapter Card for SEL Automation Controllers 

2.Doble Engineering Company

* Doble Engineering Company Launches F8000 Power System Simulators

* Doble Simplifies Insulation System Testing of High Voltage Assets with Spark P3

* Doble Brings Condition Monitoring to More Transformers with Calisto H1

* Oil as a Main Insulation Component in Liquid Filled Power Transformers: Quality and Consistency of Product

* Doble Boosts Transformer Testing Productivity, Accuracy and Performance with New M5500 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

* Impact of SFRA Setup Issues on Transformer Frequency Response

* Doble Brings Greater Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy to Condition-Based Maintenance with SFRA Software v6

* Doble Engineering Company Releases Configurable, All-in-One Condition Monitoring System

* Utilities Gain More Power from Protection Testing with Doble Engineering Company’s   Protection Suite v5

* National Grid Saudi Arabia Enters into New Asset Health and Condition Assessment Agreement with Doble Engineering Company

Transformer Technology Condition Monitoring Realities - Dealing with the Unexpected by McGrail.pdf

3. Ametek Power Instruments

* Increased Capacity for TR-3000 Digital Input Modules

* AMETEK Power Instruments Awarded the Supply of DR-300 Fault Recorders for Northern Ireland Electricity Networks Limited

* Fault Recorders Meet Disturbance Monitoring and Reporting Requirements of PRC-002-2

* Release of IEC 61850-90.5 to Support TR-3000

* Ametek Introduces Release of IEC-61850-8-1 (Edition 2) with MMS and Goose Support for the TR-3000 Fault Recorder

* AMETEK Introduces Synchrophasor for TR-3000 Recorder

* Fault Recorders: Study of P Class Phasor Measurements during Fault Conditions and Impact on Analysis Applications

* JEMStar II CAISO Approved

* JEMStar II Revenue Meter Quantifies Power Quality

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1. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories  (SEL)

Reduce Arc-Flash Hazards

MotorMAX® Arc-Flash Protection

SEL Reliability

SEL R&D Puts Products to the Test

* SEL Manufacturing

Announcing SEL-T400L Time-Domain Line Protection

SEL-T401L Ultra-High-Speed Line Relay

SEL Time-Domain Link (TiDL) Technology

SEL-700BT: A Comprehensive Motor Bus Solution

How to Install SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

How To Set The SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

How to Set the SEL-710 Motor Protection Relay

Introducing SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

SEL-3530 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

How To Install SEL-2240 Axion®

Advanced Generator Protection—SEL-400G

Engineer a better network. It starts with SDN.

A Better Network for Ethernet-Based Protection (SEL-SDN) 

How to Set SEL-751—Part 1: Communications

How to Set SEL-751—Part 2: Overcurrent and Time-Overcurrent Protection

How to Set SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter

IEC 61850 Substation Modernization and Wire Reduction

Reliability In Vietnam's Harsh Environment

Vietnam's Economical Modernization

SEL Conformal Coating

2. Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company: Past. Present. Future. Together.

100 Years of Doble: Centennial Video

* Doble Calisto T1 

* Doble F8300 

Doble DFA300

Doble Engineering explains their transformer-oil analysis technology

Doble Engineering explains their ARMS

Myrkos - Setup

Myrkos - Oil sample collection and headspace

Myrkos - Shake Test

Myrkos - Gas sample measurement

Myrkos - Report

Circuit Breaker Testing with the Vanguard CT 7000 S3 and CT 8000 S3 Circuit Breaker Analyzers


3. Ametek Power Instruments

AMETEK NCC overview