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“Simpro Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (SIMPRO) is an ISO 9001 certified company in the field of Electrical Engineering specializing in the area of Power System Protection and Monitoringˮ


  Doble-Altanova's Technical Seminar (28-29th September 2022)

The Doble-Altanova Technical Seminar was held at the Connexion Conference, Event Centre, Bangsar South, and was co-organized by Simpro, Doble, and Altanova, with the invited keynote speaker from Tenaga Nasional Berhad. Understanding the fundamentals of partial discharge and how using TECHIMP PD online monitoring equipment helps to protect transformers, switchgear, cable, rotating machines, and others were among the technical topics covered. Furthermore, Doble's technical expert discussed the significance of online DGA and portable DGA, and also the services offered by Doble.

  Doble’s Technical Seminar (21st March 2019)

The event was jointly organized by Simpro with Doble Engineering Company, USA. It was held at the Connexion Conference, Event Centre, Bangsar South, attended by Doble’s customers and invited guests. We were honored with the presence of Datuk Ir.Haji Husaini bin Husin, Chief Grid Officer, Tenaga Nasional Berhad as our invited keynote speaker. Various technical topics were presented by Doble’s technical experts at the seminar such as online monitoring of partial discharge & bushing for transformers, dissolved gas analysis, and failure analysis.

  CEPSI 2018 (17th - 20th September 2018)

Simpro successfully participated in CEPSI 2018, an exhibition hosted by TNB, resulting in creating greater market awareness and attracting more potential customers. Also, with good booth design and layout, Simpro’ s booth was named the second runner up for "Best Display in a booth” category.